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The history of Frostbite

I'd been using my Acadian Spice for quite some time and loved it as did my friends. But I wanted some variety. I love bay rum but it really is a warming type of after the shave. Then the light went off in my brain and I decided to make a cooling after the shave product. Clearly menthol was called for. It's a 180° reversal on the Acadian Spice.

My first product along that line was a prototype that ended in a 20 bottle limited edition "80 Below". It was pretty astounding stuff and it taught me more of what I really wanted in a mentholated the shave. I still use my 80 Below to this day.

I had some goals that needed to be met with the new formulation. It had to be cooling. It needed to smell good since the menthol scent is strong and can be a bit much. It had to be soothing. It had to be safe since too much menthol can make the skin "OD", but I wanted maximum cooling. I also wanted to load it with frankincense. I didn't want merely token amounts; I wanted a lot of frankincense in it. I thought I could do it and set out to make it.

The final product is what I give to you here. It meets all of my goals and I've been told that it's addictive. I concur; it is. It has what it needs to work, but nothing that isn't needed. It's truly amazing what botanicals, working in synergy, can accomplish.

To apply it the skin must be dry. The high concentration of oils in it will make a mess on the skin if it's applied to wet skin. Observe the oils that float to the top before it's shaken. That's a lot of the good stuff that you're seeing, but you don't want a straight shot of that. Be sure to shake it immediately before dispensing it to disperse the oils. It should be translucent in use.

I like to see a noticeable wetness on my skin after application, and as with all of my products spread it on, then let it dry without rubbing it in. Then wait for the freeze. It will build intensity. Just about when you've almost had too much it will begin to back off. It will keep your face cool for some time. To enhance the freeze effect achieve the closest shave you can. I get this by using the most aggressive disposable bladed razors I have in my shave cabinet. (Double edge, single edge, and a Rolls Razor).

The frankincense will soak into the skin quite rapidly, and the other moisturizers will last all day unless you wash it off. All of the good stuff that's in the Acadian Spice is in here as well, and then some. The scent will leave shortly and allow you to follow it with a cologne.

Don't be surprised that if after using this for a time that your skin gets noticeably softer. I make no promises however. I use my products daily and this Maineiacs skin has definitely gotten softer. Reports from friends who use it frequently confirm that observation.

Enjoy it my friends!

Krampert's Finest Frostbite Aftershave

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