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Sailors of old did not have access to water onboard ship as we do today. It was brought onboard in barrels and was used for drinking.

You can imagine what these sailors smelled like when they reached land! They knew they reeked. Someone discovered that they could take Bay Leaves and rub them on their skin to lighten the body odor.

At some point, a sailor found that if he steeped the leaves in Rum he could, in essence, have that great smell whenever he wanted.

Today's sailors may have access to water, but whether sailing in the Gulf of Maine, eating lobster on the rocky coast, circumnavigating the globe, or if you have no intention of getting any closer to the sea than a postcard, Krampert's Finest Acadian Spice Bay Rum will be there to give you a manly seafaring smell (without the body odor!) and repair your weathered skin.

You will know its history, everyone else getting close will just think you smell fantastic and have great skin.

Krampert's Finest Bay Rum celebrates that original formula, but builds on it for a fuller scent that is frankly, delicious smelling (but do not drink it!**).

Something the sailors of old also did not have were moisturizers. Acadian Spice is loaded with them. I also add plant extracts to help repair the skin and fight irritation. A few splashes will complete your shave, moisturize your skin, and will not be greasy, oily, or sticky.

I created this for myself and frankly I made the best Bay Rum I could. I share my best Bay Rum with you.

Control the moisture level by the amount used. If your skin is sticky after the Bay Rum dries back off a bit on the amount used.

Notes: One change that I needed to make to keep certain government agencies happy, was the removal of the rum and the substitution of Isopropyl alcohol.

Smelled directly from the bottle... well, that never was a strong suit of the product, smell it that way and you'll never use it!

The magic happens after you put it on.

If you've never had the scent of a product develop on your skin, you will with my Bay Rum.

There is absolutely no difference with the original formula (which contained rum, and the associated regulatory headaches) or the reformulated where it counts, and that is on the skin.

Despite the fact that the formula no longer contains rum, I still call it Bay Rum because of its lineage back to the sailors of days gone by.

Keep in mind this is a natural product (as close as I can get it), some settling may occur, and we also recommend care when applying as it may stain lighter colored fabrics while still wet.

I put the ingredients here for you to see before you buy because I am proud of what is in Krampert's Finest Bay Rum, but I am even more proud of what is not in it.

The scent is from the finest spices, essential oil, and plant extracts that I can find. The scent is not made in a beaker from a chemical reaction.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, alcohols (isopropyl, ethyl and propoxylated), vegetable glycerine, natural scent and color from spices.

Krampert's Finest Bay Rum Acadian Spice After Shave is completely handmade, of only the finest ingredients, right here proudly in the U.S.A.

Ideal packaging for travel, or for use as a refill for your Krampert's Finest Stainless Steel Flask.

My history with Bay Rum and why I wanted to make my own

When I was a child a few years ago ( unh huh!) I went into Joe's Barbershop in Ramsey, NJ to get my haircut. This barbershop had high ceilings with a pressed tin treatment. There were 3 barber chairs but Joe was the only barber and he only used the center chair. It was a hangout for a clique of old gents who'd read the magazines and paper, make a comment once in a while and someone else would grunt to acknowledge it. Their other job was to watch out for the kid. OK, that would be me. I'd get immersed in reading and forget what I was there for. The shop was that welcoming.

Eventually one of the old gents would tell me that it was my turn and after my haircut Joe would shave my sideburns and neck with warm lather from a machine and straight razor. After that shave he'd reach for a bottle that I swear looked as though a genie could spew out of. He'd shake some elixir onto his hands and rub them on my just shaved skin. The scent was like nothing I'd ever smelled. Just fantastic! It was spicy and buttery, indescribable really, but it was something I wished wouldn't wash off. I'd pay for the haircut and leave the shop and that quickly the scent would leave.

My Acadian Spice Bay Rum uses the eidetic scent imagery I have of those times as its base, builds on the scent, and makes it last quite a bit longer. Then because I really made it exclusively for myself I added good stuff for the skin because in the winter in Maine our air can get excruciatingly dry. The result is the Bay Rum that I offer today.

It's made of the finest ingredients and I'll never compromise that quality. I use my products exclusively on my own face and I get my product from the same shelf that I fill orders from.

At one time the Acadian Spice Bay Rum really did use rum as the alcohol base, but I removed it and I use rubbing alcohol today. You'll never miss the rum. The reason why is a long story and I won't bore you with it. You might not like the scent smelled wet, but it rapidly changes on the skin and will morph as it's worn over time until it's barely discernible unless a loved one gets really close for a personal smell. In my initial testing a testers wife told me that it tastes great while she blushed. Or it can be followed with the cologne of the day and not interfere with it.

Since it contains very effective moisturizers, and I've used my knowledge of botanicals in its composition, it's great as a guy's moisturizer. I regularly use it to combat dry skin in the winter. There is no rubbing it in. Just spread it on and let it dry. It can never be greasy or oily. It works differently than any other moisturizer you've ever used. Again, don't rub it in, just spread it on and then allow it to dry. If you want more moisturizing effect, use a bit more. I like to see my skin noticeably wet immediately after application.

Enjoy it my friends! Don't be surprised after using it for a time that your skin gets softer. You can still be a manly man with soft facial skin and no one need know you're using a moisturizer on it after the shave. Your mate (meaning someone a bit closer than merely being a friend) will love the feel.

Krampert's Finest Bay Rum Acadian Spice Aftershave

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